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Preparing for your appointment

Tips on how to improve your massage therapy session

1. Shower. Warm water will make your muscles relax as well as your mind. This also ensures good hygeine on the table.

2. When possible, don't wear make-up. Your make-up will smear.

3. Eat a light meal.   A balance of a light meal will ensure that you are not hungry during your session but also not feeling uncomfortable when pressure in applied. 


5. Avoid caffeine. Your goal is to relax. Stimulants will increase heart rate and energy levels.

6. Stay hydrated. This is great for your muscles. It's good to hydrate prior and after your session and will help with any general soreness you may experience post session.


7.  If you have long hair, wear it up in a top knot or high pony to keep it out of the way.

8. Avoid wearing scented lotions/perfumes/colognes. Your therapist will be using their own lotions or essential oils during your session. Also, your therapist may have reactions to your skin care items so its best to arrive scent free.

9. If you've recently been exposed to too much sun and have a burn over a large area, please reschedule your appointment. Friction over a burn is not healthy nor pleasant.

10. Arrive in advance and communicate your needs to the therapist. Coming a little early allows additional time to express your session goals or concerns going forward.

11. Complete your health history intake form or give your therapist updated health history information as things change. This helps the therapist to create a proper treatment plan surrounding your medical information and includes indications and contraindications for your session.


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